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Journey Proud
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Journey Proud is a collection of original songs, plus some favorites written by friends. It was released in May 1995. Produced and Arranged by Drew Reid.

Here are four MP3s from the record. To download, simply RIGHT-CLICK (CONTROL-CLICK for Macintosh users) and select "Download link to disk...". Depending on the browser will depend on the exact verbage.


Byrd Burton (lead guitar, dobro, pedal steel) - Producer, lead guitarist and guiding light of The Amazing Rhythm Aces (Thurd Rate Romance), band leader for Dolly Parton and Nanci Griffith, Byrd was in demand as a studio whiz, teacher and session player for years. He recorded with Dan Fogleberg, James Taylor, and a million more. I was lucky and gratified to work with Byrd on this project and many demos. He was the best, a pro's pro, and I miss him every day.

Billy Graham (bass, fiddle, mandolin) - Veteran concert and studio player, Billy and I worked together live and recording for years. A legend in his native Texas, Billy has been playing since the mid-50's. He spent many years with Roger Miller and later Glen Campbell touring the world, appearing on numerous album and TV projects.  As a writer, he's one of the few people who can say he has a cut on Shania Twain, as well as Joe Diffie, Emmylou Harris and the Whites. My buddy and guru.

Rick Lonow (drums) - The unfailing timekeeper with the full datebook. No problems when Rick's behind the kit. Rick has toured with the Bellamy Brothers and the Flying Burrito Brothers, and  is busy all the time in studios and on stage in Nashville.

Along with Craig Turner and Kelli Bruce on vocals, these folks are on every track.

I also enjoyed working with T.J.Klay on harp (Willie Nelson, Western Flyer), Michael Davis on keyboards (Dolly Parton), Stick Davis on bass (Amazing Rhythm Aces, B.B. King, John Mayall), and Danny Borgers (keys) and Bob Mason (mandolin).


Sunshine In Your Mind (Reid) - One of those songs that popped out in 15 minutes. My basic philosophy in life. I'm pretty much of an old hippie.

You'll Be The First To Know (Lawson-Reid) - Justin Lawson is a friend and collaborator from Tallahassee, FL. We moved up to Nashville about the same time. He has the goods to be a country star.

Uncle Joe's TV (Killough) - Rock Killough is a stalwart at the Flora-Bama, a great writer and performer, and an inspiration to me. I thought if I only make one album in this life, I want this song on it.

Out Of Touch (Reid) - This was an imaginary situation when I wrote it. I ended up living it.

Guitar For Sale (Silverstein-Koller) - Working with Shel Silverstein was a privilege and also a blast. This was one of the 30 or so demos I made for him, and he graciously allowed me to use the song for my CD. I couldn't find the tapes of the original sessions, so I went on memory and (oops!) left out a verse. Shel told me later that Waylon did the same thing. God bless Uncle Shelby, I'm sure heaven's a lot more fun with him there.

Get Your Head Out Of Your Past (Miller-Bowman-Graham) - Written by Mark Miller, the engineer on the record, Billy Graham, and the great Don Bowman. How could I resist?

Streets Of Gold (Douglas-Reid) - My dear friend Jimmy Douglas came home from his father's funeral with this song in his head. All of our parents passed away around the same time, during the making of the CD. This is for them.

'Til The Stars No Longer Shine (Russell-Reid) - Written with Dale Russell, who I met when he played lead guitar for the Guess Who. He's been married a long time and back then, so was I. He still is, and this song gives you an idea how it's done.

Kennesaw Line (Oja-Dunaway) - Don Oja-Dunaway is famous for writing a fine body of work dealing with the Civil War. He plays the Milltop Tavern in St. Augustine 6 afternoons a week and has for over 30 years. That's what you call a steady gig. Check him out, he's an incredible singer/songwriter and performer.

Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional) - For Mom and Dad. I miss you so.




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